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The Chris Lawson / Spiritual Research Network store has been created to share resources that have helped many people through the years. We hope our resources will help equip in Proclaiming the Gospel, as well as inspire you to rely on the Lord as you speak His truth in love.

Feel free to contact us through our main Spiritual Research Network website. We are happy to answer your questions about our bookstore, donations to our ministry, or anything else you would like to inquire about. 

Why Buy These Resources?

Our site offers top-notch research documentation, addressing pressing Church issues truthfully. Our products inspire believers to stand firm in the Gospel's truth and uphold the Word of God.

In loving memory of our dear colleague Ray Yungen, who passionately spread the Gospel's truth. Explore Ray's books and various resources available in our store.

"Ray was a man who loved life, loved people, and loved God. His tenderhearted manner touched all who came to know him. In addition to his researching and writing, he enjoyed spending time over a good cup of coffee with friends, listening to music, and being in nature. Ray had a zeal for truth and was passionate in his desire to help others find and know truth as well. He loved God’s Word and used it as a measuring rod in all he did and believed. Ray’s research and writing ministry impacted tens of thousands of people throughout the world, and he will be sorely missed by many. He has left an indelible imprint on the Christian church that will be remembered for years to come. Ray’s writings and lectures will continue to be distributed through his publisher, Lighthouse Trails Publishing."

Ray Yungen (1952-2016)
author, A Time of Departing—How ancient mystical practices are uniting Christians with the world's religions